As Harold Segura noted,

(Courtesy of Mr Chow, who faithfully sends such encouraging texts almost daily.)

Discernment is our human attempt, often stumbling and limited, to delve deeper into God’s nature and understand God’s will for our lives and for history. It is an attempt, guided by the Spirit, to see God, hear God’s plans, and confirm what God is asking of us.

Is there some secret that holds the key to being able to see God and understand God’s will for our lives and world? In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus reveals the simple secret: a pure heart.

Cleanliness of heart is related to the transparency of our actions and purity of our motivations. Having a pure heart means maintaining a longing for a world without hypocrisy, a world in which actions correspond to words, words correspond to thoughts, and our thoughts to the thoughts of God. The best example of this purity is Jesus Himself. He is the paradigm of a pure life and, consequently, the model of the life we need to live if we want to discern the will of God. In fact, as we will see, our own purity is found as we participate in His. Discerning, therefore, does not mean relentlessly judging others, but rather meticulously examining our own hearts. We ask the Spirit to help us understand the motives that drive us (God’s glory or our own?). While trying to discover God’s will, we must first discover what’s in our own hearts.

Matthew 5:8 -
Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God.


FYI: Harold Segura is the Regional Christian Commitments Co-ordinator for the Latin America and Caribbean Region of World Vision International.

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